Installing the VMware ESXi Embedded Host Client

Posted on September 24, 2016

As most everyone knows, the old vSphere C# client has been on its way out for years. One of the things keeping it alive is the fact that not everyone has a vCenter Server, and even those who do don’t necessarily use the Web Client. Sadly, there are some really cool features the old Windows […]

How to Fix the Blurry, Fuzzy, Ugly Text in Windows 10

Posted on July 7, 2016

After upgrading my Lenovo ThinkPad to Windows 10, I was so pumped. The upgrade went smoothly, all my apps worked, but then I noticed something: some apps had blurry, fuzzy text. Ugly, blurry, fuzzy text. Like this: This might not bother some people, but to me it felt like trying to read a wet book […]

PowerShell and Donald Trump

Posted on June 14, 2016

Still not convinced that you should learn Windows PowerShell? Russia used some awesome PowerShell tricks to hack the Democratic National Committee and get Donald Trump’s opposition research file. While you shouldn’t (and hopefully won’t) use PowerShell for international espionage, there are some really awesome things you can do with it, like building out an entire […]



LightSpeed Paste – Pastebin app for Android PowerShell XenApp Reporting Script – Reports on key health information for online XenApp servers (server name, load evaluator, load, uptime) and user sessions (username, applications, logon time, state, server name, and client version) XenApp Reboot Script for Citrix Provisioning Services – Reboot Script for Citrix Provisioned XenApp Servers […]



I’ve been quoted in the following publications: LinuxInsider – New SourceForge Owners Start Trust Repair CNBC – Revising an Outdated Business Model? Try Predictive Analytics – Holiday Hiring: Naughty or Nice?  NBC Chicago – How Internet Explorer 10’s “Do Not Track” Option Affects Your Marketing American Medical News – Desktops still dominate at physician […]