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Posted on November 23

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4 Inconvenient but Effective Security Measures

Posted on October 4


Security usually requires sacrificing convenience (or money). So naturally, we tend to get away with as little security as possible. But if you’re a glutton for punishment, here are 4 very inconvenient but highly effective measures you can take right now to protect yourself from theĀ  evils lurking on the interwebs. Disable JavaScript Yeah, I […]

Blockchain is a Passing Fad

Posted on October 4


Whenever a tech fad comes to an end, it suddenly becomes so obvious why it failed. Yet during the hype, it’s easy to miss the problems lurking just below the surface. I want to explore some of the problems I see with public blockchain and why I think it’s not going to live up to […]

Yes, You Need IT Certifications

Posted on September 30


Certifications are often lambasted as “worthless pieces of paper” and “experience is more important.” But for some people, certifications are more important than experience. A substitute for experience Newcomers to the IT world face the classic problem: how do you get experience without a job? Sure, you can tinker around on your own time, but […]

Containers are Virtual Machines After All

Posted on September 14


Are containers virtual machines or not? There’s a common analogy that VMs are like houses and containers are like apartments. And you are the application. When you live in a house, you have free rein to do as you please. When you live in an apartment, you have to share certain spaces, and parts of […]