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Check out this SlideShare for Learn Cisco Network Administration in a Month of Lunches!

Posted on 03-20-17


Learn Cisco Network Administration in a Month of Lunches from Manning Publications  

Science is About Discovering the Truth

Posted on 02-25-17


As someone who works in IT, I hear and read a lot of comments about science. One common but unfortunate claim is that “science is not about finding truth.” While I won’t get into what I think are the hidden philosophical reasons behind this claim, I do want to at least respond to it. It’s […]

Why People Still Haven’t Adopted IPv6 (And Why You Should Learn It Anyway)

Posted on 01-01-17


It’s 2017, and if you haven’t learned IPv6 yet, well, you’re not the only one. In December 2016, IPv6 turned 18 years old. Children who were in the womb when RFC 2460 was being drafted are now old enough to vote, get married, and purchase firearms in some states. In honor of IPv6’s 18th birthday, […]

You failed your CCNP exam. Now what?

Posted on 12-18-16


You took one of the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification exams. You went to the exam center, sat down, and started the exam. About 2 hours later, you saw the dreaded news appear on the screen: You didn’t pass. I’ve failed certification exams in the past, so I can relate to the facepalm-worthy feeling […]

Copying a File from Within a Remote Powershell Session

Posted on 10-25-16

Recently I needed a way to copy a certificate file from within a PowerShell session to another Windows machine without opening a nested PowerShell session. Here’s my setup: A Windows 10 laptop, from which I’m remoting NC1, a Server 2016 virtual machine I’m remoted into. It’s a member of a domain. HYPERV1, the Server 2016 […]