What Evolution Isn't

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Evolutionists are often given a false sense of security and rightness when they encounter Creationists who do not seem to understand evolutionary theory. This is both tragic and unnecessary. So to help both Bible-believing Creationists and Darwinists alike, I present a summary of the completely unfounded and baseless theory of evolution.

First of all, a quick definition: Evolution is defined as the descent of all life on earth from a common ancestor through a series of random changes over time. That is not a "Creationist" definition, but the definition used by secular, evolutionary biologists around the world.

The first key thing to remember when discussing evolution is that it is completely undirected, with no design and no purpose. What does this mean? It means that, according to the theory, everything from the eye to the brain to the cell to the mucosal membranes are all the product of undirected or "random" variations over time. A lot of folks get hung up on this point because it is so counter-intuitive. The notion that a series of random events can result in such complexities is completely bewildering to most people. I believe this is why so many try to force some sort of design or purpose onto the theory of evolution. They are trying to make sense of it. "How can anyone believe this is random?" many people ask. But believe it they do.

The second key is a notion called "natural selection." This is what I call the "adopted child of evolution" because it has a dirty little secret. But before I tell you the secret, let me explain what natural selection is. It is the phenomenon that organisms that are better at reproduction will pass their genes onto their offspring, while those organisms that are worse at reproduction will not. That's pretty simple, right? That's all natural selection is.

Now for the dirty little secret: There is nothing about natual selection that is specifically tied to evolution. But evolutionists love to talk about it as if it is synonymous with evolution. Natural selection can only operate on something that confers an immediate reproductive benefit. Period. I have had people say to me that natural selection is also about survival and not just reproduction. But look closely again at my definition. A dead organism is not going to be very good at reproduction, is it? Thus, survival is a subset of reproductive "fitness," and only insomuch as the organism can survive long enough to reproduce.

Putting these two keys together, we end up with the basic concept behind the false theory of evolution: undirected genetic variations eventually lead to changes that confer a reproductive benefit, and those genetic variations get passed onto the next generation. Expanding on it a little more, some variations that do not confer a reproductive benefit just so happen to "stick" and eventually lead to other processes, organs, and appendages that may or may not confer a reproductive benefit.

That's it. That's all there is to it. Some call it elegantly simple, but I call it goofy. It is an interesting theory, but it's continually being squeezed out of the realm of "scientific fact" by the utter lack of evidence for it, as well as evidence that vigorously contradicts it. There are many out there who believe in evolution who do not even understand it. Let's help them to understand it, and then understand why it is a lie and an unscientific hoax. Then we can lead them to the truth: that Jesus Christ the the Creator of all life on earth.