Practical Networking

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In my Practical Networking course, you'll get a practical, hands-on understanding of how to troubleshoot network-related issues. You'll learn all about

  • IPv4 and IPv6 network connectivity
  • How devices connect to the Internet
  • How data gets from end to end
  • How to read a network topology diagram, and more

I also cover specific network troubleshooting techniques and commands including ping, tracert, netsh, ipconfig, and netstat.


Don't just take my word for it! Read what others have had to say about the course.

Never thought i could understand networking concepts. Thanks a lot to the author to make me understand these. I owe you a party.

By far this has been a most effective course in terms of helping me learn networking. Finally, all those terms I have been reading and taking notes on are starting to make sense! Most things are finally coming together and actually starting to make sense since I begun this course. Thank you for the real world examples and defining the terms you are referring to throughout the course.

old guy, new to the IT world. I can say this session really helped me understand more of where to look and a direction to move in for troubleshooting and also realizing some technical aspects I didn't know

Wonderful for the beginners in networking...

Incredible course. Very clear and informative. Can't praise high enough.

Hello Ben,

I'm a very big fan of you. I've been watching your course "Practical Networking"... You're amazing in the way you explain things, I'm really thankful to you.

I'm only at the start but Ben has made every concept make sense