Yes, You Need IT Certifications

Certifications are often lambasted as “worthless pieces of paper” and “experience is more important.” But for some people, certifications are more important than experience. A substitute for experience Newcomers to the IT world face the classic problem: how do you get experience without a job? Sure, you can tinker around on your own time, but how do you prove that experience? That’s where certifications come in. Certifications show a prospective employer that you care enough and have the initiative to spend your own time and money to become a better IT professional.

The Coming Citrix-Microsoft Merger?

The one theme that I keep hearing from those who attended Citrix’s yearly conference (Synergy) is that they weren’t sure if they were at a Citrix conference or a Microsoft conference. Citrix’s ties to Microsoft run deep and have for a long time. But just within the past couple years the Citrix-MS relationship has started to look less like a partnership and more like a full-fledged integration. Microsoft has its own application virtualization product called App-V, which at first glance looks curiously like a competitor to Citrix’s XenApp application virtualization solution.