Matter Proves the Non-material

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Atheists by and large believe that science somehow disproves the existence of anything outside of the material world. This would, of course, include God.

But the atheists are so blind and darkened in their understanding that they fail to realize that the most popular approach to science, called methodological materialism, assumes that only the material world exists. Obviously, assuming something is the exact opposite of proving it.

If you ask an atheist to prove only the material world exists, you will not get any proof whatsoever. All you'll get is his or her assumption, veiled in a statement something like, "You can't prove there is anything other than the material world." Of course, that statement would be 100% inaccurate because of two things we do know from science:

  1. Matter and usable energy cannot have always existed

  2. Matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed by any known process within the material universe

Even the atheists recognize these two facts, and that's why they have resorted to silly notions such as "the Big Bang" theory, which assumes — wait for it — something from nothing! Yes, that's right. Even atheists resort to non-material explanations of the origin of the universe, while simultaneously denying the non-material world exists.

But please don't take my word for it. Read for yourself one of the most famous quotes from formerly atheist physicist Steven Hawking:

The inflation was also a good thing in that it produced all the contents of the universe, quite literally out of nothing...

Yes, you read that right. Atheists do believe in the non-material world, but they like to say they don't.

Hawking continues:

So, where did the energy come from, to create the matter [in the universe]? The answer is, that it was borrowed, from the gravitational energy of the universe.

So let me get this straight. The universe was created from its own gravitational energy? That's like saying a baby created itself from its own DNA. It's nonsense.

Creation of matter from nothing, by definition, proves the non-material. Bend it any way you like, you cannot escape the fact that atheists physicists have to resort to traveling outside the material world to explain the universe.