How to get an RSS Feed from a Twitter Account

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If you're not familiar with RSS (really simply syndication), it's quick a way to get all of your favorite websites and social feeds in one place. It can also help save your sanity because you don't have to suffer through ads while scrolling through multiple sites.

You just download an RSS program and point it to the various feeds you want, and it pulls everything into one place. QuiteRSS and FeedReader are two good, free choices.

Getting an RSS Feed

For most websites, the RSS feed is just the website URL followed by a /rss, /feed, index.rss, or index.xml. For example, the RSS feed for my site is You just add the URL to your RSS program and you're set.

How to get an RSS Feed from a Twitter Account

Twitter doesn't natively offer RSS feeds. But there's a workaround thanks to the ingenious Twitter frontend, Nitter.

  1. Open your RSS reader

  2. Add the feed in the following format:

So if you feel moved to add the Babylon Bee (who wouldn't), just add to your RSS reader. Voila! Bee tweets all day long, and you don't ever have to subject yourself to the rest of awful Twitter.

That's it.