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Cisco Networking Training Courses

Hey Ben! I just wanted to personally thank you for all your efforts making networking courses on Pluralsight.

I can say without a shade of doubt that among all the CCNA/P courses I've taken from others on Pluralsight and INE that your courses stand above all the others. You can drill theory and protocol details all you want.. but at the end of the day, your methodology and practical approach to teaching/troubleshooting really solidified networking concepts and pretty much made everything click for me.

For example, going through your courses for CCNP Tshoot had me a little wary for the exam. Although I have yet to take it (waiting for that cert compensation paperwork to go through here at work), I've just started going through other practice tickets that are supposedly what the exam uses.. and I almost had to pinch myself! For some reason I thought the exam tickets were just like they are in your courses (an aside- it's super impressive and really I appreciate you building out all those topologies/configs for each course). But it would seem that the exam tickets pale in comparison to yours. Your courses make most of these tickets trivial! I'm confident that when I sit the exam, I will pass with room to spare.

Outside of Cisco exam world, I just landed a Network Engineer position at an ISP here in upstate NY - I like to think that you had a hand in making that possible!

Mike Agnew

Good morning Ben,

I just wanted to let you know that my employer the London ambulance service provided access to the Pluralsight for us to learn new skills. I was interested in moving on with my CCNA knowledge and I found your “Switch” course of modules on Pluralsight helped greatly with my self study on this subject.

I am pleased to report that having taken the Switch exam on Friday 21st February, i was successful and i now have my CCNP switch certification.

John Yeates

Hello Ben,

I’m a very big fan of you. I’ve been watching your course "Practical Networking" in pluralsight, and I’ve to say is that I LOVE YOU MAN! You’re amazing in the way you explain things, I’m really thankful to you.

Ibrahim Muhammad


I recently obtained my CCNP certification and used your Pluralsight courses as my main source for studying. I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for the great courses, especially the VIRL stuff for the TSHOOT exam. Being able to follow along with you troubleshooting a network like that with multiple routers and switches really helped!

Thanks again!

Andrew Ritz

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to take a second and reach out and say thank you for the content you’ve put on Pluralsight for the CCNP Route Switch course. I’ve been using it to prepare for my Switch exam and I just love the way you go through the content. I haven’t felt like I’ve struggled with any of the concepts you’ve discussed thus far. The labs help put things into context and I practice those labs over and over again until feels like 2nd nature to me.

Taking the 300-115 next Friday and I feel like I’ll be just fine!

Thank you,

A.J. Murray

Ben! thanks for making those videos it really help me pass and helped get me out the help desk

Reddit user CCNPAT

I have been working through your CCNP. It is helping me a lot.

Shif Schiffman

AWS Courses

I just completed a second PluralSight course from you, Operational Excellence. I really appreciated them and consider you and one other author the best of the courses I have taken so far. So I want to say Thanks.

Chad Mitchell

Hi Ben,

First a compliment 🙂 I'm following your course having done many AWS courses on Pluralsight, and I'm certainly enjoying yours the most.

Matt Shickell