Hello Ben,

I’m a very big fan of you. I’ve been watching your course “Practical Networking” in pluralsight, and I’ve to say is that I LOVE YOU MAN! You’re amazing in the way you explain things, I’m really thankful to you.

Ibrahim Muhammad

Hi Ben,

I just wanted to take a second and reach out and say thank you for the content you’ve put on Pluralsight for the CCNP Route Switch course. I’ve been using it to prepare for my Switch exam and I just love the way you go through the content. I haven’t felt like I’ve struggled with any of the concepts you’ve discussed thus far. The labs help put things into context and I practice those labs over and over again until feels like 2nd nature to me.

Taking the 300-115 next Friday and I feel like I’ll be just fine!

Thank you,

A.J. Murray f

Ben! thanks for making those videos it really help me pass and helped get me out the help desk


I have been working through your CCNP. It is helping me a lot.

Shif Schiffman