AWS Course Testimonials

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Architecting for Reliability on AWS

As always Ben Piper nails it when it comes to explaining networking

Ben Piper is excellent!!

AWS Networking Deep Dive: Route 53 DNS

This course is really awesome!! One of the best course/training that i have ever taken before. Thank you so much Ben!!

Thank you for making these concepts so easy to understand, I was afraid of starting this module in the beginning but your explanation made it so crystal clear

This is the best course I have ever taken. Thanks Ben!

AWS Networking Deep Dive: Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

If teaching is an art, Ben Piper is a sensei at it. The curriculum covered everything I needed to know and went deep enough so I could really understand it. Given his strengths and roots in networking, I would love to see him author or co-author additional courses such as Azure networking constructs, Cloudfront, app deployments across regions to account for a cloud provider's regional outage, and application deployment across multiple cloud providers (AWS & Azure) for cloud provider diversity. With all said and done - kudos on a job well done!!!

Best session on Loadbalancing. Covered all the Load balancing concepts in a clear manner.

Ben Piper is solid!

AWS Networking Deep Dive: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

For me a AWS was a grey are so far, Ben has helped me understand the concepts very well. He is an excellent trainer that I came to know of using Plural Sight. Thanks a lot Plural Sight for having such excellent trainers on your platform!

Ben Piper is now my new favorite instructor!

This is the first Video after i watched almost 20 hours + videos where my concepts got clear. Very precise explanation. I'd rate 100% this course.

Must watch course..!!

Awesome Teacher and very detailed explanation of concepts

Ben Piper is really awesome !

Other AWS courses

I just completed a second PluralSight course from you, Operational Excellence. I really appreciated them and consider you and one other author the best of the courses I have taken so far. So I want to say Thanks.

Chad Mitchell

Hi Ben,

First a compliment 🙂 I'm following your course having done many AWS courses on Pluralsight, and I'm certainly enjoying yours the most.

Matt Shickell