How To Create XenApp Published Applications for Test In Just Seconds Using PowerShell

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Prerequisite: XenApp6 PowerShell SDK

Let’s say you want to copy all currently published applications into a folder named “Test” in the console tree, while simultaneously modifying the new published apps with different permissions and client folder settings. Here’s how:

First, create the “Test” folder by hand (you can use New-XAFolder -FolderPath Applications\Test if you are so inclined), then use the following command to copy the applications into it:

get-XAApplication | Copy-XAApplication  -folderpath Applications\Test

Second, modify the published application properties to set the client folder (what folder the applications show up under in Program Neighborhood or Web Interface), and the permissions in one fell swoop. We’ll call the client folder “Test” and publish to the groups “domain1\citrix admins” and “domain2\Test Users”:

Get-XAApplication -folderpath Applications\Test | set-xaapplication -clientfolder Test -accounts "domain1\citrix admins","domain2\Test Users"

That’s it! Now doesn’t that beat right-click -> “Duplicate Application”?